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Announcing our 2017 Bellaire Showcase Home

4916 Holt -  Click here for details

  • 5219 Pine - Sold

  • 4990 Willow - Custom

  • 4802 Maple - Sold

  • 4609 Beech - Sold

  • 5502 Grand Lake - Custom

  • 541 Wisteria - Sold

  • 4629 Palmetto - Sold

  • 4818 Saxon - Sold

  • 4138 Ruskin - Custom

  • 141 Whipple - Custom

  • 5022 Glenmeadow - Custom

  • 5006 Glenmeadow - Custom

  • 823 Jaquet - Custom

  • 4337 Darsey - Custom

  • 1116 Sheffield - Custom

  • 5319 Aspen - Sold

  • 4312 Lula - Sold

  • 913 Wildwood - Custom

  • 133 Whipple - Sold

  • 110 Whipple - Sold

  • 4921 Palmetto - Sold

  • 4416 Cynthia - Custom

  • 4704 Maple - Custom

  • 5003 Glenmeadow - Custom

  • 4607 Beech - Custom

  • 5023 Carew - Custom

  • 8906 Bevlyn - Custom

  • 4304 Vivian - Custom

 Quality You Can Live With!

Remodeling and Home Design

Blum Custom Builders is an independent company specializing in building high quality custom homes from concept to completion. Owner Marvin Blum has been in the customer service business for over 30 years as the operator of Lee Blum Furniture. His father always told him that customer satisfaction and attention to detail is the keys to a successful business. This has been the motto for his business success. 

Marvin has been involved in various aspects of construction for many years. He brings his passion to building and dedication to impeccable details. Fresh, enthusiastic and experienced, Marvin's desire for perfection shows in his custom designed home. His personal attention to detail from lot selection to architectural design, building and everyday presence at the job site is unequivocal. 

When possible, Blum Custom Builders focus on utilizing "green" technologies, especially as they relate to energy efficiency, strength and durability. 

Blum has systemized the building process with an emphasis on communication between the subcontractors and other related professionals. The end result being a quality home that you can live with. 

Please contact us today to discuss your new home. We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to make your new home plans come to life. 

See the story about me and my families flooded house.

HOUSTON, TX – Piles of ruined belongings lined the streets of Meyerland, as residents work into their fifth day of flood clean-up. Service trucks occupied almost every other driveway down streets off Rice Avenue near Braeswood, where neighbors say their trash piles have actually gotten smaller over the last couple of days, but even still, they know this process is only getting started. Meyerland resident Marvin Blum and his family didn’t waste any time starting their clean-up. Blum, who owns Blum Custom Homes, knows thing or two about how severe water damage can be, and wanted to limit the flood’s impact on his home as much as possible. “The people on the remediation will probably be here another week, and then it could take three to eight, nine months to rebuild,” Blum explained, “I mean everything’s gone, cabinets, appliances, both our cars were over the hood in water. Who knows?” While there are few positives for flood victims to reflect on right now, Blum says the outpouring of volunteers this weekend has lightened the load a bit. “I will tell you on a bright note, there have been a lot of volunteers bringing boxes, water, food,” Blum said. Groups from all corners of town have been pooling their resources to help however they can. “I’m just helping these people, there’s so much devastation, and they just need help,” said Stacy Nathan, who showed up at the Blum’s house Saturday afternoon, with supplies and other volunteers from the Jewish Federation. Houston City Council candidate Matt Murphy also gathered volunteers at a nearby park, who set out to homes in Meyerland and beyond, with supplies and tools. “The neighborhood has come together, and we’re all looking out for each other, but we’re going to keep praying and be positive,” said Blum.

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Blum Custom Builders

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Office - 281-236-9298  -  Fax - 713-559-0369

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