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Blum Custom Builders & Remodeling did a marvelous remodel on my home after the freeze that happened in Texas in February. I had a major leak in the attic above the kitchen/family room and another behind the wall in the master shower. Floors needed to be replaced, complete master shower was torn out and new plumbing/tiling, painting, sheetrock etc. was done. The communication and working with Mr. Marvin Blum as been wonderful. He follows through with repairs on a timely bases and makes sure you are extremely happy with the each part of the job. Marvin was very detailed oriented and very professional. The quality of the work is exceptional. Margie CRead More

Blum Custom Builders were a real life saver. I mean that literally. The recent winter storm wreaked havoc at my house with pipe bursting and a caving ceiling. Desperate I reached out to ARS with whom we have a service contract. They were a no show. One of our friends recommended Marvin Blum of Blum custom Builders. In spite of the heavy schedule Mr. Blum showed up at our door with in a couple of hours. They fixed our pipes immediately and got our water supply on. The next morning , as promised, his crews showed up to clear the debris. Literally in less than 3 weeks all the damage was fixed as promised. I would definitely recommend Blum Custom Builders to anyone considering any projects whether it a remodelling or building a whole house from scratch. I know who I would reach if I was building a new home.Read More

Marvin built our new house. We didn't have any experience with new house construction. Marvin provided lots of suggestions that helped to stay within the budget. He and his project manager stayed on top of the job execution with the contractors and made sure everything moved forward as planned. He was very patient and accessible during the building process. He was very flexible with us with the contractors and also helped we to rack up our airline miles by letting us use the credit card for certain payments. He was very honest about the contractor estimates; many times he would show us what he paid to the contractor when his house was built. This made us more comfortable about the bidding process. He is also accessible to us now after we moved in. We are very pleased with the results. Our house looks fabulous and we absolutely love it. Thank you, Marvin!Read More

Had a back patio redone — concrete and rock removed, leveled, new patio pavers placed. Very pleased with the final product! Also needed a damaged gutter repaired. Was put in touch with a contractor and the repairs were completed within 48 hours of the initial meeting. Impressive!Read More

No one will build their own house every year, so having a good, experienced and honest builder is the key when you plan to build your own house. Luckily we had Marvin Blum doing the house for us. Marvin is a detailed oriented and well organized person. From the house design review w/ an architect at the beginning, to choosing wall paint color and floor material installation, he always give us his comments & opinions before we made any decisions, and always sit on the top of the job execution with his team to make sure everything moving forward as planned, and also cost/budget are well controlled. Now we really enjoy our new house! He and his staff are definitely accountable !!Read More

Marvin Blum consulted with us on a home improvement project and gave us excellent advice and recommendations. I have been extremely impressed with all of the homes that I have seen built by Blum Custom Builders. They are beautiful and high quality!Read More

We are very pleased with the extensive remodeling that Blum Custom Builders did for us. Everything from finalizing the planning, selecting the materials, doing the construction to the finishing touched worked out great. We are very happy with the final result. Minor issues were addressed in a very timely manner and Marvin stayed on top of the entire project at all times. The whole project took less time that originally anticipated. Great job!Read More

I did a remodel of an outdated, full of useless built-ins, kids playroom into a modern, sleek media room with surround sound and a wet bar. This project required demo, reframing, electrical, audio-visual, wallpaper, paint, custom glass, custom countertops and more. Blum Custom Builders handled it all. They are professional, creative, on budget and early delivery of the finished project. All trades easy to work with and respectful of my home. Unbelievable responsiveness from the owner, Marvin Blum. Highest recommendation from us.Read More

We used Blum Custom Builders & Remodeling for a major remodel on our new home. The project included extensive structural modifications including an entirely new exterior wall which resulted in changes to the floorplan on both levels of the home. There was no surface inside or outside of the house that wasn't touched. Marvin managed the entire project. He was there from the initial meeting with the architect through completion of the remodel. He was at the house everyday ensuring the subcontractors were delivering as expected and keeping to the tight timeline we had given for our planned move in. We were kept in the loop continuously and had no surprises along the way. Marvin was quick to adjust when we through new things his direction and still found a way to meet the timeline even with a greatly expanded scope. We have been in our new home for over 4 months now and couldn't be more pleased with the results! Marvin still checks in regularly to ensure we are happy and to see if anything needs addressing. We would absolutely recommend Blum Custom Builders and Remodeling for any new build or remodel project.Read More

Marvin built our house!! He was very patient and very accessible during the process. We made many changes during the building process and he was always accommodating. As a first time home owner I was not experienced and never thought we would keep contact after the home was done, of course there were minor issues and I needed recommendations, Marvin was very responsive and always helped me getting the handymen that he trusts and were all turned out to be very good. Then there comes Harvey, my garage was flooded, Marvin and Jeff helped me again with recommendations and made the repairing process much faster. I love it that now it has been some years down the road and I can still pick up the phone and ask Marvin for advises, it is a great feeling if you are like me, who is neither handy nor knowledgeable about houses/house related issues ... if only there was a choice for gazillion stars.... Thank you Marvin.Read More

We are so happy that we found Marvin to build our house. It was our first time to build a house, we didn't have any experiences of building or remodeling house at that time. Marvin gave us a lot of kind help. He gave professional suggestions like a good friend, instead of a business man. He helped us save budget on unnecessary items, and found good contractors with good price. We found one contractor for some special items for the house. He is very open minded, and nicely helped us to talk with the contractor. All three of us (Marvin, us, and contractor) were happy. When we couldn't decide what to do, we asked him, and took his suggestion, all turned out the best results, never wrong. We lived in the house for three years, excellent quality! One of our neighbor, who is a contractor, asked us who built our house, and he said you should thank him, the house is very good. We recommended him to our friends of course. Sadly, we have to move to other state for better career. So we put our house on the market, our house is outstanding, comparing to other similar houses, and get the offer first! Marvin is a very good builder that we trust and rely on. Thank you, Marvin!Read More

Blum Builders did an excellent job of quickly coming in to remediate our house after flooding. They then remodeled our whole downstairs providing quality subs and workmanship. Marvin was great to work with, ready to answer questions, provide guidance, and attentive to making sure we were pleased with what was being done.Read More

We were happy we went with Blum Custom Builders. They make beautiful homes! We were building for the first time and it was difficult to know who to ultimately go with and trust. I’m glad we decided to go with Blum Custom Builders. Marvin was easy to work with, was considerate of our budget, and transparent throughout the home building process. He and his general contractor/manager, Eric were both accessible whenever we had a question or if there was an issue. If there was an issue, Marvin would take steps to help resolve it quickly and make sure we were completely satisfied. They always listened to our opinion or point of view and I don’t recall ever hearing a “no” to any of our requests. He takes care of his clients and I would not hesitate to use Blum Custom Builders again if we were to go through the home building process again.Read More

Our house got only ankle-deep water in Hurricane Harvey flooding but that is enough to force floors, cabinets, and drywall up to knee-high to be ripped out. We chose Blum Custom Builders to reconstruct our first floor because they build homes with the quality, craftsmanship, fittings, and finishes we needed to restore our home as it was. I found the owner Marvin to be friendly, responsive, and very easy to work with. I especially appreciated that he has a large number of quality subcontractors in his files. They responded quickly when he contacted them so that our house could keep move forward during a time when tens of thousands of people were all trying to rebuild at the same time. Because of Marvin's long-term relationships, we got action relatively quickly. Marvin also has his own crew of more general workers for everything else it takes to finish the job. They had a key and were often in our house while we were not, and we never worried at all about honesty or security. One other thing to mention is that we had a few projects or special touches that we either wanted to do ourselves or bring in other specialists independently. We appreciated that this was no problem for Marvin. In sum, Blum Custom Builders as General Contractor provided electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, cabinetry, trim carpentry, door and threshold refurbishing, hardwood floor installation, and various special touches such as installing faux beams. Our house looks as good and in some ways even better than it did before. We are very satisfied.Read More

We have worked with Marvin for several years on residential projects in the inner loop, bellaire and meyerland area. He is very experienced in the construction of residences. He is a delight to work with. He is honest and does outstanding work..Read More

We started working with Marvin when we decided to buy a lot from him. One of THE most important reasons we decided to work with him, was that he was a very pleasant person to talk to, was very understanding and right through the process he made us feel as if he was building his house. He showed genuine concern when we had issues and resolved them immediately. The contractors he hired were very good too. Apart from a few minor issues, we have not had any issues with any of the work done. I would highly recommend them.Read More

Blum Custom Builders builds beautiful, high quality house with the utmost professionalism. Blum Custom Builders completed our custom home in 2017. We absolutely love our house; inside and out. Moreover, we loved working with Blum. Blum is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, highly transparent,and inscrutubly honest. Throughout the planning, design, and construction processes, Blum was highly communicative and made sure that we knew the process, timeline, materials, vendors, and cost. There were absolutely no surprises. I would 100% hire Blum Custom Builders again if I were building another custom home.Read More

Marvin and his crew were wonderful and very professional. Marvin came to the house and gave me some great suggestions on remodeling my kitchen and bathroom. He has a keen eye on how to redesign a space to make it flow better. Marvin took the time to go with me to help pick out the title and granite for both rooms. His crew did a great job. They cleaned up every day before they left and the quality of the workmanship was fantastic. Marvin was a constant fixture through out the project - checking on the progress and quality of the work. His crew went above and beyond the scope of the work. The project came in on budget and on time. Whether you are doing a renovation project or looking to build a new home, I would highly recommend Marvin Blum. He definitely cares about the quality of the workmanship and making sure that the client is happy with the work that is done.Read More

My husband and I hired Blum Custom Builders. We are early in the home building process with Mr. Blum; however, the experience that we have had so far has exceeded our expectations. He has been with us every step of the way and his customer service is the Neiman Marcus of customer service. He keeps informed every step of the way and keeps us on budget (which we requested and love). I would recommend Mr. Blum to anyone considering building a home. We have a wonderful relationship with Mr. Blum and hope to have a long friendship with him. I hope to build our next house with Mr. Blum, but don't tell my husband that I said that (he says this is our forever home).Read More

We were hired by a client as part of a team of professionals to assist with the detailing for custom home. I am very impressed with Marvin and his group, and project has a construction manager as well. The builder does involve the client in weekly or bi- monthly meetings so that the client always knows what stage the project is in. This group has several large custom homes on the books currently but they make the process low stress for the client. Blum is ahead of schedule on this project which pored the foundation in August - the clients will move into the home in May. They have been very agreeable to details that designers love to add....Read More

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